CouplerTec WA Distributors

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Osborne Motor Bodies build great truck bodies and we want to make sure they are built to last. In line with this OMB are proud to be the WA distributors for the CouplerTec rust proofing products. To protect your chassis and body from rust, you cannot go past a CouplerTec unit.

How Does CouplerTec work?

The CouplerTec module draws a small charge from the power source and transforms it into an output voltage of 400V (Peak) and from 200V (RMS typical), a strong enough voltage to easily be read on a volt/multi-meter. The CouplerTec module generates a ~200KHz frequency signals which is then transferred to the Capacitive Coupler. The Coupler is a conductive plate that is affixed directly onto the structure using a high bond adhesive.

When charged by the Capacitive Coupler acts as the positive plate of the Capacitor. The frequency applied to the Capacitive Coupler combined with Capacitance induces the electrostatic charge to the metal surface of the structure. The structure in turn acts as the negative plate of the Capacitor and Electrons are accumulated between the Positive and Negative plates.

The frequency which induced the charge disperses electrons across the surface of the structure and the structures paint work becomes the ‘dielectric’, holding the electrons on the metal surface to prevent them from flowing away.

Should the structure’s protective paintwork become compromised, scratched or chipped, exposing the bare metal, rust may eventually form on the bare metal surface. This layer of surface rust takes the place of the paint work and becomes the dielectric, which in turn holds the charge static. The surface rust will turn a dark brown colour, this is non-active ferric oxide and will not progress any further.

Australia Patent 2007236536.

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